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PMF Edu is a leading training provider dedicated in providing high-quality training on various Project Management topics and support professionals across industries helping their growth in global corporate world. Founded in 2013, Our mission is to empower individuals by offering a wide range of high valued training by industry experts through innovative and practical approaches.

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At PMF Edu, we understand the importance of education in shaping the future and unlocking potential. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality education regardless of their background or geographical location. With this vision in mind, we have developed a diverse range of educational resources that cater to various subjects, levels of difficulty, and learning styles.

"Training That Delivers Results. Certification That Proves It." Unlock Your Potential with Our Industry-Recognized Accredited Programs"

Pratap Sahoo, Founder
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the training room. We strive to foster a supportive community of learners, providing ongoing support, resources, and guidance even after the training program concludes. We believe that learning is a continuous journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Discover the knowledge, skills, and network you need to succeed in the dynamic world of project management.

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Pratap Sahoo, PMP, SPC 6.0, CSP
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Vivek Angiras,CST, Scrum Alliance